Too foreign for home, too foreign for here.

Today I woke up at 5 am. I staggered down the stairs, looked out the window, and recognised that I was home.


Netstal is a both amazing and weird for me. There are things that make me feel so at home – I hear people speaking my language everywhere. People know me and my family. In the supermarket, I get to buy all my childhood goodies. But then there are also things that make me feel so foreign – people hear my accent. They get confused by my dialect. Social mores (like how do I pay for my food at the restaurant?!) are awkward and sometimes unrecognisable. In the whirlwind of jetlag, this confusion makes me very emotional.

Who knew someone could feel so strongly about mushrooms?

After a breakfast with all my favourite swiss indulgences, we passed by the cemetery on the way to Riedern. I felt pretty nostalgic as the bells rung midday through the valley.

We caught the bus up to Klöntal and spent lunch time at the lake.

Unfortunately we missed the bus and decided to walk. About 1/4 of the way down it started to pour. We hadn’t really planned for that. After 10 minutes, a minivan stopped and told us to get in. The kind couple drove us all the way home (despite my shoddy directions), and it turns out the driver knew my dad. Classic Netstal.



2 thoughts on “Too foreign for home, too foreign for here.

  1. They say, home is where the heart is. I so understand what you experience right now. The dilemma is that you have two homes but only one heart. It jumps and is torn in all directions and it is hard to pinpoint the emotion this provokes. For me, I imagine it feels usually a little bit like being on drugs. Overwhelmingly beautiful, unreal, deeply perceived, that I get teary eyes . It is very intensive and I’m happy that you can share it with Chris.


    1. Thanks Mum! Yes, the emotion us exactly as you describe it. I’ve been getting teary with all sorts of things – church bells, mushrooms, trains. It’s really bizarre, but not entirely unpleasant!


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