National holiday diaspora.

Now that I’m back in New Zealand I feel far more swiss. These things are relative, I guess. But it helps that my birthday just happens to fall on the 1st of August – Swiss National Day.

Back in 1990 my mum was heavily pregnant and putting up decorations when she felt her first labour pains. It was the first time my family would celebrate abroad. I was born just before midnight.

So last weekend we got together again to celebrate (my birthday, Swiss National Day, and my father’s birthday) and what we lacked in geographical presence, we made up for in cultural iconography. I’m surprised mum didn’t go into labour again, considering all the work she put into the event.

Raclette: better than fondue

It was a little weird celebrating this summer event in the middle of winter (we had to cancel the fireworks due to the rain). We may also have over-done it a little with the swiss patriotism, but we do what we can to stay connected. Even if it’s a tad OTT.


2 thoughts on “National holiday diaspora.

  1. To take the good things from where you come from to the new place where you life, makes you happy and might bring new ideas and impulses to your present home community.


  2. The Photos are very beautiful and reflect the atmosphere we tried to create.
    To organize this annual event needs lots of preparation and is a elaborate undertaking . So, in a way I went into labor again, a labor of love !


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