Moving Countries

Aside from all the paper work that has come with making the big move; the actual physical process is grueling. We move out of our current place a month before we actually leave the country, and between now and then I will be living out of a gym bag stuffed full of summer clothes.


One of the hardest things about this move has been trying to consolidate the differing opinions Chris and I have about our possessions. If I had my way, most of our stuff would probably be feeding a massive bonfire on the lawn right now. Jokes aside, I’m prepared to give up a lot of our stuff whereas Chris is more sentimental (read: less wasteful). We’ve packed up three boxes of books and board-games. I wanted to donate the iron, Chris thought it was “perfectly good”, so it now lives in a box with the vacuum-sealer and hand mixer. You realise just how much stuff you’ve accumulated when it comes to fitting your life into a 30kg suitcase.


Speaking of which, sorting out my wardrobe has giving me a whole new perspective on how I consume clothes. And I use the term “consume” purposely here – because I chew through them like bubblegum. This picture shows all the clothes I am giving away/donating. It FILLS MY WARDROBE! Most of the clothes are perfectly fine – they just didn’t “spark joy”, and were therefore culled. No regrets!


Meanwhile, the rest of my clothes have either been stuffed into the aforementioned gym-bag or vacuum-sealed for the journey. This meat-pack of my identity weighs a whopping 15kg – and that doesn’t include shoes. Terrifyng!

Note to self: return all borrowed books.

It’s easy to spiral into an all encompassing existential crisis when you are picking apart every little bit of the life you once knew. But I’ve decided to look after myself while we power through this move, and that (as always) includes a good book, duvets and chocolate.



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