Surprise! It’s Fasnacht!

Today I wasn’t really sure what to do with myself. I was cooped up inside binge watching HBO series and eating paprika chips.

Talk about oblivious.

Lol, surprise there was a parade on.

At about 4:00pm some groups of young families started gathering on the street outside our place. I was wondering what all the fuss was about, and figured it had something to do with Fasnacht. So I googled it, and indeed today was the Kinderumzug – or Children’s Parade. This town sure knows how to look after its tamariki!


I ran downstairs and put on my coat. In my slippers, I watched as the parade started. There was a brass band playing pop songs ( like, Shut up and Dance) followed by a number of different floats. These teams had been preparing since November, and the kids were loving it.


I’ll explain more about what Fasnacht is in my post about Fasnacht in Schaffhausen and, most importantly, Basel in the coming weeks; but, in short, the deal is that during an Umzug, people get dressed up in costume, throw confetti at you and give you candy. Basically a kid’s dream!


It was nice to see all the families out and supporting their local. Kids were getting into confetti feuds, and adults were drinking schnapps in their cliques.


As an interesting add-on, it was less than five minutes after the parade had moved on to the local hall for the Maskenball, that people were on the street with leaf-blowers and street-cleaners tidying everything up. The only clue that anything even happened is the absolute carnage in my entry way!


Anyway, Happy Fasnacht everyone! Stay tuned for updates on the bigger celebrations next week!



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